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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Ryan and I'm currently still in high school as well as community college. Since I've been old enough to enjoy football there has only been one team that has had my total devotion: The Pittsburg Steelers! Since I live in Washington, near Seattle, I've had to put up with a lot of trash talking from local Seahawk fans (yes, they are still bitter about Super Bowl XL and have more conspiracy theories about that game than about the Kennedy assasination). Still, I feel no shame in being a die hard Steelers fan and am looking forward to covering them for a long long time.


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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 NFL Draft Recap posted on 04/26/2009

      Well the 2009 Draft has come and gone. Although it didn't go the way many expected I think the Steelers still had a good draft. Mizzou DT Ziggy Hood was the Steelers first pick and he will be a solid force up the middle for many years. He more than likely won't start this year but that'll give him time to develop.

     They also picked up OL Kraig Urbick from Wisconsin, WR Michael Wallace from Mississippi, Keenan Lewis CB Oregon St., Joe Burnett, UNLV RB Frank "The Tank" Summers, one of my Ducks... DT Sonny Harris, Pittsburgh native Penn State C A.Q. Shipley, and wrapped up by drafting Arkansas St. TE David Johnson.

     Look for Wallace and Burnett to compete for special teams duties. Both were good return specialists in college and should suceed there at the NFL level. Also Wallace andLewis, childhood friends, are reunited after attending seperate colleges. They both originally sign on with Oregon St. but Wallace jumped ship after their H.S. coach became an assistant at Mississippi.

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Only 6 More Days! Who do the Steelers Draft? posted on 04/19/2009

        I don't know about you guys, but with only 6 days left until the biggest event of the offseason and I can hardly wait. This is the time of year we get to see some new faces added to the roster and see who the future stars of the Steelers are going to be. The Steelers rarely add players through free agency, as evidenced by this offseason, and this is the payoff for fans who've been waiting all offseason for news on the Steelers.                                                                                  

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