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Former college football player and lifelong Steeler fan. I was born near Pittsburgh and my family has has season tickets since 1970.

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Why are the Patriots so good? One word: Brady. posted on 01/18/2008

I visited my brother up in Boston last August and we went to see the Patriots practice. There was a heat wave going on the temperature was about 98-very hot for New England. The team had what looked like a fairly light practice and several of there offensive stars, Randy Moss and Lawrence Maroney, sat out with injuries. The quarterbacks went through some drills right in front of us and I got a good look at Brady. Every pass he threw, from thew beginning to the end of the practice, was perfect. He was accurate and every ball had a perfect spiral. He led the receivers and the balls just dropped right into their hands. On one play, the receiver ran an out pattern and there was a defensive back with him on every step. It didn't matter; Brady drilled it right into the receiver's chest.

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Why I want the Patriots to lose posted on 01/11/2008

As a life-long Steeler fan, I naturally don't like the Patriots. It's not just because the Patriots beat the Steelers this season. Mainly, it's because I don't want anyone to think the Patriots (cheaters) of today are better than the mighty Steeler teams of the 1970s. I really believe all Steelers fans were spoiled watching those great teams. I think that was the best team ever - not the Patriots.

Those Steelers were much better on defense than any team playing today. They could shut down any offense and I am sure they would get to Brady, who is stationary in the pocket. The Patriots are one-dimensional and rely too much on the pass. Also, take away Brady, and they are a .500  team at best.

Plus, the Steeler offense was balanced and there is no way the Patriots wold be able to slow them down. They had too many weapons and the patriots would not be able to slow them down. Bradshaw has four rings, not Brady. Until he gets there, and he may not ever do it, people should not consider the Patriots as the best ever. That title still belongs in Pittsburgh.

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Sorry to see Tomlin is keeping LeBeau on the Steelers coaching staff posted on 01/11/2008

I was hoping Mike Tomlin would encourage Dick LeBeau to retire. LeBeau had had a great career, but the Steeler defense just isn't as sold as it should be. Never mind how they lead in some statistics during meaningless games early in the season. Too many teams, they gave up too many points, and allowed teams to score late on them. It happened in Denver, and it just happened again against Jacksonville. Sure the offense should have got that first down and iced the game, but how many people really thought the defense would stop Jacksonville on that final drive? Plus, someone (I'm not sure who) missed a tackle on Garrard on that long run he made to set up their game-winning field goal.

The offense, and Big Ben, had scored points all year. Big Ben is great at brining the team back from behind, but he shouldn't have to so much. It all comes down to defense. The Steelers have one of the top three quarterbacks in the league right now. It will be a shame if they don't win another Superbowl with him because the defense can't help him. I hope Tomlin reconsiders.

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Steeler Playoff Letdown posted on 01/08/2008

Every part of the team is somewhat to blame for the loss to the Jaguars. It is easy to point to certain areas - turnovers, penalties, play calling, etc. However, it really come down to poor execution on two key plays. First, the tackle missed a block on the Roethlisberger sweep on third down. Had he made the block and opened up a lane for Big ben, then we would be talking about how the Steelers would be trying to stop Tom Brady this week.

The second mistake, and in my opinion the worst error, happened on Garrad's long run which set up their game-winning field goal. One of the Steelers' defenders (I'm not sure who), missed a tackle on Garrard allowing him to run about 30 more yards. You can't totally miss a tackle like that. I mean, he totally whiffed; didn't lay one finger on Garrard. To me, it was the equivalent of a major-league baseball player dropping a popup. Had he made that tackle, then all the other mistakes from the game would have been forgotten and the Steelers would still be playing. 

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Steelers' Prospects for the Playoffs - Part Three: Coaching posted on 01/03/2008
This is the biggest game of Mike Tomlin's career. Some coaches, such as Marty Schottenheimer, never seem able to win big games. We will learn this week whether Tomlin has the ability to lead his team in important NFL games. We Steeler fans have been spoiled for a long time with Noll and Cowher and expect success in the playoffs. I think Tomlin has done a great job so far; I have liked every one of his decisions. However, if lame-duck LeBeau's defense lets us down, I hope Tomlin does the right thing after the season and puts in the 4-3. Go Steelers! 

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